Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mommy Guilt Sucks so stop Judging

This past weekend I started to notice that Moms in general have many opinions and some of these moms push their strong opinions upon you and believe that they are right and your parenting skills are not so right or better yet they look at you with I cant believe that is what you did or what your doing.

Lets take breastfeeding as an example. If you breastfed or are breastfeeding that is great. It may have worked for you, your child and your family but this doesn't give mom's or better yet women who have no children to give their strong opinions and say hurtful things. SERIOUSLY i hate it when someone who has no child talks "shit" and makes you feel bad that your not breastfeeding.

My point is Mommy guilt sucks.. Mom's stop judging other mommies... so whether we breastfeed or formula Feed, give our babies flu shots or not, sleep train by letting our baby cry it out I believe us Mommy's are still going to raise good children and do what we believe is best for our family and whatever works for our family. Mommy's stop judging other mommies and let people do what is best for them.

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